Waterloo Watercolor Group

2022-01-31 WWG Heading

An organization of Watercolor artists
in Austin and Central Texas

2022 Fall Show

The presentation is by artist last name. Use the arrows to the left and right to search through the paintings.

Anaya, Larisa Title Floating down the River Walk Price $400 Size 15x21 Email [email protected]
Anaya, Larisa Title Old boats on the beach Price $450 Size 15x21 Email [email protected]
Brown, Coutrtney Title mittens Price $200 Size 14x10 Email [email protected]
Brown, Coutrtney Title Pierce Point Tree Price $300 Size 14x10 Email [email protected]
Carlton, Sandra Title Energy 24/7 Price $400 Size 15x11 Email [email protected]
Carlton, Sandra Title WonderGirl Price $400 Size 15x11 Email [email protected]
DUNNING, SUSAN Title Deep in Thought Price NFS Size 16x13 Email [email protected]
DUNNING, SUSAN Title EY2 Price $NFS Size 14x10 Email [email protected]
Ebeling, Debbie Title Under the Sea Price $275 Size 10x14 Email [email protected]
Ebeling, Debbie Title Puppy in a Red Bucket Price $200 Size 10x8 Email [email protected]
Gilbert, Christine Title Tango Price NFS Size 14x10 Email [email protected]
Gilcrease, Joy Title Austin bench in winter Price $350 Size N/A Email [email protected]
Green, Helen Title Spring Nest Price $300 Size 11x15 Email [email protected]
Hunter, Monte Title Chief Blackhawk Price $350 Size 10x10 Email [email protected]
Hunter, Monte Title Grazing Elephant Price $350 Size 10x10 Email [email protected]
Jameson, Betty Title Greenscape Price $1200 Size 22x30 Email [email protected]
Jameson, Betty Title White Heron Launch Price $ Size 22x15 Price $1,200,Email [email protected]
Kemp, Sue Title Moonstruck Price $600 Size 14x11 Email [email protected]
Kemp, Sue Title Remnants of Time Price $400 Size 11x14 Email [email protected]
Kharod, Supriya Title Cougar Creek Bed Price $450 Size 16x20 Email [email protected]
Kjellstrand, Leslie Title Country Road Price $250 Size 11x15 Email [email protected]
Polnaszek, Jennifer Title Her Majesty In Blue Price $650 Size 16x20 Email [email protected]
Pestorius, Eileen,Cisco's on East Sixth, 22x30, $800, [email protected]
Eileen Pestorius, Sax at Café du Monde, Size N/A, $450, [email protected]
Powell, Steffani Title Parisian Curator Price $300 Size 11x14 Email [email protected]
powell, steffani Title Uncertain Price $400 Size 16x20 Email [email protected]
Sabolcik, Jennifer Title Road to Taos Price $300 Size 11x14 Email [email protected]
Sabolcik, Jennifer Title Piedra Trail with Roses Price $300 Size 11x14 Email [email protected]
Schmidt, Gregory Title Valentines Price $NFS Size 10x13 Email [email protected]
Simons, Carla Title Unconditionally Price $800 Size 11x15 Email [email protected]
Sirhal, Colette Title Thinking Spring Price $350 Size 22x18 Email [email protected]
Dan Spanton, San Juan Islands, 18x12, $575. [email protected]
Spanton, Dan, San Juan Islands, 18x12, $575, [email protected]
Swanson, Lonni Title Forever Aspen Price $500 Size 36x18 Email [email protected]
Swanson, Lonni Title My Little Mocs Price $NFS Size 14x18 Email [email protected]
Thakur, Rashmi Title Three Goats Price $250 Size 16x20 Email [email protected]
Wallace, Chuck Title Evening Out Price $250 Size 9x14 Email [email protected]
Zwern, Lynn Title Rushing River Price $175 Size 12x9 Email [email protected]
Wallace, Chuck Title Santa Fe First Sun Price $690 Size 20x16 Email [email protected]
Wicker, Priscilla Title Columbine in Profile Price $1200 Size 23x26 Email [email protected]
Wicker, Priscilla Title Shark Bite Price $NFS Size 8x11 Email [email protected]
Witt, Carol Sue Title Secret Message Price $750 Size 30x22 Email [email protected]
Zwern, Lynn Title Colorful Canyon Price $450 Size 12x16 Email [email protected]
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