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2022-01-31 WWG Heading

An organization of Watercolor artists in Austin and Central Texas

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Vaccinations and masks are required until further notice, as per CDC guidelines.

One-Day Workshop Chair: Sue Kemp
Registration is on hold due to classroom availability. Please check back later for updates.

******Cheryle Chapline’s  CLASS IS fULL******

Month, 2022
10:00 am – 4:30 pm

Cheryle Chapline will be joining us from the Waco area to share her watercolor portrait techniques. Her color theory approach allows transparent colors to mix on the paper and several have been selected for Splash Publications and juried shows. Students will receive a supply list and reference photo. Please click on her Bio for more information about Cheryle. We are looking forward to a fun day of painting!

Class size is limited.

The resonating theme throughout the life of fine artist Cheryle Chapline is one of visual discovery. By
observing the common-place and transforming her interpretation of the subject into fine art, Ms.
Chapline has built a lasting legacy of work that changes the viewers perspective. The observer sees the subject, literally, in a whole new light because of the interplay of light and color which is accomplished with glazing the underpainting prior to the application of local color. Watercolor, as her primary medium, lends itself to this method of color theory by capitalizing on it’s transparent qualities, allowing color to mix optically on the paper rather than mixing color on the palette. A visual vibration is created that can not be created in any other way, drawing attention to the vast variety of hues and tones present in our natural world.

Ms. Chapline has a degree in Fine Art from Florida State University and consistently pursues new horizons as a life-long learner. Ms. Chapline began her early career as a graphic designer and art director, eventually owning a graphic design and print-brokering business, all the while creating her fine art. In addition to producing her award-winning paintings, she taught digital imaging, photography
and graphic design at the college level. She has been passionately teaching watercolor classes for adults since 2000 and is a frequent presenter for watercolor and fine art groups. Ms. Chapline has been published in three Splash publications, most recently in Splash 23, jurored by Mary Whyte and has had her work included in the National Watercolor Society’s 97 th International Exhibition. Her paintings have also been included in several Richeson 75 International figure/portrait competition books, in an Art of Watercolour magazine as one of fifteen Reader’s Choice selections, as well as being represented in an exhibition for the Hunting Art Prize.

Registration is on hold due to classroom availability. Please check back later for updates.

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Come splash with us from

9:30am to 4 pm

 St. Matthews Episcopal Church, Austin TX see location below

Dan SPanton is coming October 8, 2022

Dan Spanton presented a zoom video in June 22, so we look forward to painting with him in person.

Dan Spanton    One-day Landscape workshop    October 8th  

Dan Is a member of Waterloo Watercolor Group, the Monday 620 group, and recently the Capitol Art Society and Center Art Club of Round Rock.

Thoughts from Dan

 As I was growing up, I always looked forward to Birthdays and Christmas, because that’s when I would get new art supplies. I decided at the naive age of 22 (I say Naive because that was what I was called then, and since I didn’t know what it meant I thought it was cool) to move to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art College in the mid 70’s, until I was offered a high paying union job. That was in 1978 and sadly I never went back to art until 2015. After moving to Casa Grande, Arizona I started taking watercolor lessons from the Palm Creek Watercolor group, where I took to watercolor painting like a Labrador retriever to water!  Thanks go out to Sue Kemp for giving me this opportunity to demonstrate some of what I have learned the last few years.


In his class you will see how Dan makes his paintings come alive with color and simple details that will enable you to paint with a new outlook on how to apply yourself and hopefully feel better about your painting journey. Using the various Wet on Wet techniques that he has studied over the years, he has been able to approach his paintings with bright flowing skies and a variety of colorful foregrounds that have just a few details, such as a barn roof or a lighthouse, to give the painting depth and perspective.

Dan has taught his style to beginners and advanced students alike; his style encourages you to give up the notion that you must spend countless hours planning a painting, with all the details and clutter that bog most of us down, and just have fun!



We will be painting the Lighthouse painting, so just bring your normal watercolor painting supplies, 140# paper, water container and a small pallet knife, spritzer spray bottle, a roll of regular 3/4″ masking tape and a hair dryer.


More of Dan Spanton works on Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/573294227563630454/

Here at the Waterloo Watercolor Group, we love watercolor! To spread that love, Waterloo Watercolor Group is sponsoring another series of One-Day Workshops in 2022. These skill-building Workshops are designed to help watercolor artists be the best they can be, to have the most fun they can have and to celebrate our mutual love of watercolor painting. Class size will be limited, so register and pay ASAP.

The cost: $75 for non-members, which INCLUDES a one-year membership in Waterloo Watercolor Group (a $40 value) or

$60 for members.  demos and individual guidance. 

Lunch break: Picnic tables on campus. Galaxy, Wally’s, Torchys and Subway are within 2 blocks.

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